Election of Officer for FY 2013-2014

🙂 Since election Time is fast approaching I thought planting the seed for thought of officers for the up coming term FY 2013-2014 would not be a bad idea. attached is the rules for the elction of officers from our bylaws and constitution.

1.All elections of Officers, Executive Committeemen, Review Board and Delegates and Alternates to the Department Convention shall be by ballot and the candidate or candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the respective office or offices for which they are candidates,

2. Any member of this Post in good standing shall be eligible to hold office. The Post Commander may succeed himself in office for one (1) term for a total of two (2) successive years.

3. Nominations for officers shall be made at the regularly scheduled meeting in April.  Second nominations shall be made at the regularly scheduled meeting in May, at which time nominations will close. Nominations shall not be made from the floor at the June meeting except for offices that do not have candidates. At the nomination meetings, a member nominated for office shall accept or decline the nomination. If unable to appear in person, the nominee may accept or decline in writing to the Adjutant not later than the May meeting prior to the elections. If a nominee fails to accept or decline the nomination as set forth above, it shall be deemed and constituted to be declined and the name of the nominee shall be stricken from the ballot. Election of officers shall be from approximately 12 o’clock noon until 7:30 P.M. on the regularly scheduled meeting in June. The voting on election day shall only be for validly nominated and qualified candidates. Write-in votes shall not be accepted nor allowed.

4. All elected Post Officers and Executive Committeemen shall be sworn in in accordance with procedures provided by The American Legion Department of Mississippi and will assume their duties on the closing date of the Department Convention.

Please review additional information from our bylaws and co

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